Macy’s Dollars for Doers

Macy is one of the oldest companies and the most honest who look into the aspect of both employees and customers in balance. It is said by the employees that being a part of this company is bliss. And standing in this harsh reality, this quote is valid. Macy’s “Dollars for Doers” strategy emphasizes the company’s loyalty to the reasons and organizations that matter to comrades by expanding and rewarding personal and squad volunteerism.

In this company, workers can get double payments on monthly funds by assisting customers. That sounds unrealistic, right? But it is not. The company may furnish technology and aids in taking advantage of corresponding bonus strategies at companies like Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s. Many of the workers simply miss out on earnings because contributors are ignorant of their employers’ matching bonus policies. Hence one can boost the earnings by prompting the contributors to the best matching bonus and subsequently including the company’s equipment into one’s fundraising.

Get the full details of the matching policy by going through the matching gift program. Don’t worry if you are a part-time worker. This offer is available for both part-timers and full-time employees. Even if you are retired there is also a surprise gift for you. The surprise bonuses are of the ratio of 1:1. Are you thinking this kind of bonus is an absurd policy? Then you are dreaming. It is possible only here in reality.

Dollars Doers

According to Macy’s, Inc. Promise, the company will make a one-time monetary donation of $1,000 to eligible 501(c)3 groups that obtain at least 100 hours of colleague volunteering across Macy’s, Inc. over a scheduled year. That is a crazy deal! How could one company pay so much! Actually, it is only possible because of the company’s commitment.

One can get this huge offer by following Macy’s Volunteer Grant Submission Process. The request has to be placed electronically on a device. They have to register for their “Earnings for Learnings” grant requests. 

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