Macy’s Climate Change – CSR

Macy’s is such a company that is devoted to minimizing the negative environmental consequences from its mass production. Can you imagine that in the era of profit-making business this company launched several Sustainable Stewardship Goals? One of those goals includes reducing energy consumption by 10% and to increase the in-store recycling rate to 80%. Oh, that’s unbelievable! They’re determined to accomplish it by 2025.

Environmental Responsibility in Supply Chain Management is the core to be supervised thoroughly. Thus, the company directly involves itself to seek information about product ingredients. Chemical management supervision extends from product concept to customer usage. They care so much about the customers and environment that they don’t care about these hectic jobs like integrity and quality assurance of the product from the suppliers.

Active steps are taken to save the environment

Macy’s doesn’t only compete with today’s market but also the future market. Hence, the Company took the necessary steps to ensure the longevity of the company even in the environmental changes. Here are some…

  1. Renewable Energy Services 

This company made a huge investment to have more than 100 active solar sites nationwide. Can anyone believe that a company is ao active to make a better environment? From those sites, approximately 65 million kWh was produced, which means a reduction of tons of CO2 emissions in nature.

2. Electric Means of Transportation

Effective means like electrical automobiles can be noticed for touring the stores for the customers. Moreover, they took the initiative to have partnered with Volta Charging to offer the free electric vehicle (EV) at more than 30 locations.

3. Effective Energy Usage

Proper Energy usage is prominent in the policy. They use both building mechanization networks and an enterprise-wide power administration data policy to continually regulate the operating execution and to detect abnormalities.

4. Recycling within the factories

As per the news, the company’s stores, corporate offices, and distribution centers, the policy is to recycle as much material as possible. Minimizing the packaging items can save nature from assembling enormous heaps of plastic trash. Recycling cardboard, plastic film, hangers, metal fixtures, and wooden pallets has been a great gift to nature. 

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