Macys Insite FAQ

Many times it is observed that retired employees are unable to access the online portal. There could be a few reasons behind this.

Access Macys Insite Portal

  1. If you have not logged in to the portal frequently then your account might have been locked.
  2. Trying to log in from outside the USA is impossible.
  3. The server might be very busy due to some maintenance.

Sometimes the current employees also face the problem of logging in to the site. Try these steps to avoid the problem.

  1. Use a different gadget to log in to the website.
  2. Try using a different browser of the latest version.
  3. Clear the cache cookies from the browser.
  4. Username and password should be entered with utmost care as they are case-sensitive.

What is paycheck city?

This online website is an internet series of paycheck equipment that allows you to version paycheck changes, calculate your W-4 withholding allowances, and different paycheck-associated functions. Thus current employees or retired employees can check their payslips through this portal.

What is EmployeeConnection?

EmployeeConnection is one of a kind site for Macy and Bloomingdale employees in order to build a strong relationship between the employer and employees. This portal offers away the details on the company’s development programs, paychecks, welfare options, and many more. Alongside they can access to get benefits like tax filings, charity support, community development, and other non-economic components. 

Can I use my credit card for shopping at Macy’s?

Macys Insite accepts all cards for shopping through the online website. You can use Macy’s cards and its American Express cards. You can also add Visa and MasterCard to your wallet (a maximum of ten cards can be added).

To add your credit card to the wallet, you need to follow these set of instructions:

  1. Open your browser with a proper internet connection.
  2. Now sign in to your account.
  3. Choose the WALLET option from the drop-down menu.
  4. Under Credit & Debit Card selection, click on Add a new card button, this will direct you to the add card page.
  5. Now enter your card credentials carefully.
  6. Now choose the Save & Close button to finish adding a card.

Can I return a damaged product at Macy’s?

This company is very much apologetic for any damaged, broken or defective item delivered to their customers. Easy returns are available on this online website. 

The easy returns can be made by calling for assistance on the customer care helpline at  800-289-6229. They accept the returned goods by mail and in stores within 90 days of the purchase for free but the returned items should be in original, saleable condition with proper original tags. A refund of only the returned item is possible. The shipping and delivery charges are not refundable.

Item not added to bag?

While shopping online, you might come across a problem where you add an item to your bag but while proceeding to pay you find out that that particular item is missing from your bag. This can happen when the product you wish to buy is already sold out and not available currently for purchase.

You need to delete that item from your bag and check out the remaining items on your search list and find out something similar to go with your purchase or you can wait for some time for that item to be available in the store again. 

Unable to log in?

It may happen that you find difficulty in logging in to Macy’s Insite portal. For that case, you need to follow the following instructions carefully.

  1. Check your internet connection. In many cases, internet issues rise up to create a log in problem.
  2. Make sure your internet browser is of the latest version.
  3. If your browser is not working properly then try switching to some different browser for a better experience.
  4. Try logging in from other gadgets if available.
  5. Clear the cache cookies from your browser.

Rules of password formation?

The steps to form a password are very easy. Only a few steps are to be followed.

  1. Your password should not be similar to the employee identification number or any of your previous passwords.
  2. The password should contain a minimum of 7 characters.
  3. Your password should contain a minimum of a letter and a number.
  4. The password gets expired after 60 days.

About Macy

It is an American departmental store established in 1858 by Rowland Hussey Macy.  It became a division of the Cincinnati-based Federated Department Stores in 1994. It also became affiliated with Bloomingdale. It became one of the biggest and leading departmental stores in the USA. The premiums of its clothing, furniture, jewelry, and other items attract people. 

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